Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Review for 'Hourglass' by Claudia Gray

Hourglass continues off from Stargazer, where Bianca is now under the protection of the Black Cross (a secret group of vampire hunters) with Lucas. But there's a problem, what if the Black Cross discovers Bianca's secret? Can Bianca and Lucas escape before that happens? What about the wraths that were after Bianca? Does Charity come back? ... I'm happy to say ALL those questions will be answered in the next Evernight installment, Hourglass.

I thought nothing could top Evernight... But then came Stargazer, I thought nothing could top Stargazer... But then came Hourglass, and so I predict that Afterlife will be even more exciting, intense and enthralling.

Hourglass is packed with a lot of action and excitement, as well as a lot of intriguing moments. I found myself being absorbed into this book and unable to put it down. Hourglass contains funny, sad and unbelievable moments where I thought I would never stop reaching for the tissue box. Claudia Gray is truly an amazing author who can please her fans, captivate mesmerizing moments and leave you wanting more.

Hourglass is a recommended read to all teens in 2010.

Order of the Evernight series;
-Evernight #1
-Stargazer #2
-Hourglass #3
-Afterlife #4 (march, 2011)

-Claudia Gray's website:

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Source: Gift (ARC) & Purchased
Book Format: 339 pages, paperback


  1. I can't wait for Afterlife! I agree when you say the latest book is better than the other one. And what do you think of the covers? I am a big fan of them :)

  2. my favourite cover is stargazer... partially because it's purple :)

  3. It is my favourite cover too! haha I love purple, you should see my room, all purple, everyone thinks I'm crazy xD

  4. My room is purple too... it's an awesome colour!