Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Review for 'Fallen' by Lauren Kate

Seventeen-year-old Lucinda (Luce) is transferred to Sword and Cross, a boarding school filled with troubled teens. Not the mentally troubled teens, but the troubled teens with a long criminal history and matching records to go with them. Luce is placed there because of a flaming incident involving a boy from back at her old school. Now Luce is surrounded by people who'd love nothing else but to see her miserable for there own entertainment. And, if that's not bad enough, the shadows that have already caused her so much trouble in the past, are still following her, but now it seems like they are having just as much fun making her life more miserable just like the other teens at Sword and Cross. 

But in all that misery and darkness comes a bright ray of like. A boy named Daniel, who doesn't only make Luce's heart jump at the sight of him, but also makes her feel safe. Even though, at first, he's rude and show her no interest, Luce is still drawn to him and feels as if she already knows him. But Daniel has many secrets. Secrets about himself, their attachment to one another, the dark terrifying shadows that follow her and the never ending war that follows them both. 

Fallen, by Lauren Kate, is a story about how love never dies, no matter how much time passes. It's about many life times of struggle and restraint, and having to continuously repeat it after every certain amount of years, whether you want to or not. Even after centuries of searching and waiting, just for it all to end the same again. Wouldn't you have given up by now? Wouldn't you have rather fallen?

A heart pounding, mind challenging, suspense inducing tale about Love, Hate, Friendship and the challenges that life throws at you. 

2010 recommended read...

Fallen series: 
-Fallen #1
-Torment #2 (September 2010)

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Publisher: Random House (Australia)
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Book Format: 452 pages, Hardback