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My Review of 'OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS' by Krystal Sutherland

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Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How do I even begin to explain how much I loved this book?!

I am not a huge fan of contemporary books; it’s not a genre I’m into. There are very few contemporary books that I have tried to read and that have held my interest. I admit that this book honestly didn’t stand out to me at first, it just sounded like many of the other young-adult-contemporary stories out there. But after making the leap to pick it up it was certainly not what I had expected.

Henry’s story of first love, although uniquely different to others, was compelling and beautiful to read. Through the ups and downs, I was strapped into the roller coaster and ready to go. I cried at the small things and sobbed during the heart crushing moments. But I also genuinely smiled during the light hearted ones as well. I laughed so much at the nerdy references, and witty commentary. This is what you expect from a good book.

Henry’s narration and ongoing stream of consciousness was hilarious and raw. He was relatable because he embodied us, our desires and our deepest thoughts. Despite never being in an actual relationship, he had this undying hope to find ‘true love’ because he believed in happy endings and wanted his first to be something epic. Henry was such an incredibly patient and understanding character that you just couldn’t help to love him.

Besides immediately loving Henry, I also loved his two closest friends, Murry and Lola. All three of them had this unbreakable bond with one another, that you could see their true friendship. And Henry’s family was another thing to admire. His parents were his idols when looking for true love, which was endearing to his character and the overall arc in this story. His sister, Sadie, was another character you just could not help but love right away. She was always encouraging Henry to let loose and have fun. And her past delinquency was something I wish I could have read more about. If she had her own standalone book I’d totally read it.

And now for Grace, I liked her character in the beginning and when we got more insight to her and her past, I had so much hope. The way both Henry and Her communicated with each other, and their quirkiness together, was cute. I felt deeply for her and for all that she went through, I couldn’t fault her for some of her actions and the way she dealt with them. But I slowly started to despise her. I was getting so angry at the things she was doing or saying, and I was even getting frustrated with Henry for putting up with it. But she was a character you just couldn’t turn away from, even though you wanted to give her a piece of your mind. Even with all her faults, Grace was still a funny and entertaining character.

Our Chemical hearts had the perfect mixture of humour and heaviness. Despite it being a love story, that wasn’t full of fluff, it was realistic. I don’t remember how many times I cried while laughing, but I’m fairly certain it was continuous throughout reading this book. I honestly couldn’t help being captivated by this story. I am not very well acquainted with many YA contemporary works – especially ones that have come out as of late – but out of those that I have read this one easily takes the cake. It was definitely a memorable read. One that so many will be able to relate to, and a book so many younger people will benefit from reading.

In the end, this book left me broken. It left in pieces. Too many to be glued back together. That was what this book had done to me. But at the same time, this book was enlightening. This book was hopeful. And ultimately, this book is beautiful.

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