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My Review of 'THE MIME ORDER' by Samantha Shannon

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The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

this review may contain some spoilers if you have not read the first book!

The second book takes off just minutes from where the first book ended. With the crescendo ending of The Bone Season, and then an action packed start to The Mime Order, this series is sure looking promising to my high expectations! I was absolutely thrilled by how the first twenty, or so, pages of The Mime Order was executed. It was heart pounding, riveting and quite unexpected for the beginning of a book.

After all the beginning action had calmed down and things seemed to be going back to ‘normal’, it was interesting to see how Scion London and the Unnatural syndicate functioned. In the first book, The Bone Season, I didn’t really get to see much of Paige’s ordinary life and her job as a Mime-lords mollisher. Nor did I get to see much of this Dystopian-London world and the evil Scion government in action. It was cool to see the dark and complex world that Samantha had been trying to describe throughout the first book. I also got more of an understanding of the clairvoyants and their abilities, and how they are ranked in ‘The Seven Orders of Clairvoyants’. The world, and its history, became even broader - if that was even possible considering its description throughout The Bone Season was quite broad and detailed already. There were so many pieces of the puzzle that were put together in this sequel, while at the same time more puzzle pieces were handed to out.

I loved how the introduction to new characters was paced, and how the characters that previously appeared, or were mentioned, returned. These particular characters had a much stronger presents in this sequel, and seeing the relationship they have with Paige was an interesting development, especially when previously these characters were only seen during small flash backs in The Bone Season. And although some characters from the first book may not have been present throughout The Mime Order, or were still only mentioned, I’m looking forward to their – no doubt – return or official introduction in future installments.
The one thing I was honestly looking forward too was Warden’s return. And yes, I feel like the beginning plot dragged a bit because I was struggling to wait and eagerly anticipating for Warden to walk back onto the page. And as soon as he had returned, and he and Paige were finally reunited, the book completely had my full attention – no force could pry this book from my hands. The events surrounding Warden and the Ranthen’s reappearance was the kick the storyline needed, as it opened up new arising issues and threats for all the characters, and revealed even more of the corruption in the Scion government and this Dystopian-London.

Samantha sure did hype up the romantic tension between Paige and Warden. It was refreshing to see them interact more naturally around each other - especially after that one particular moment from the first book. Even with the odds stacked against them and threats coming from all sides, it was fascinating to see them explore what they were feeling, especially with two characters that don’t have any previous experience with love or sharing what they felt. Seeing them both try to figure out what they wanted and how they could try and make this forbidden-but-undeniable-connection work was enticing, and I’m left lusting for more.

I thought Paige’s character also grew a lot more in this sequel. In The Bone Season she was trapped and looking for a way to escape and defy the fate the Raphaim had planned for her. And even though she was still in a way trapped and looking for a way out – now from the repercussions of her escape – she had fuelled motivation and good reason to despise Scion, and swear a crusade against them. Due to the new threats of her secret - yet relentless - defiance, she had to be more aware of her surroundings, the vulnerability of her gift and the people she chose to trust. Before Paige was afraid of her clairvoyant gift and didn’t want to develop it to its full potential - she thought it was too invasive to use, and fearing she was only valuable because of the uniqueness of it and nothing more. But after having to use and harness it in order to save herself and others, she became more motivated to explore and strengthen it - and I have to say Samantha’s take on a dream walking ability is unique and cool!

Overall, this sequel did its predecessor justice. It was action packed, enlightening, jaw dropping and completely satisfying – even with that cliff-hanger ending! This book had everything I wanted and even more I didn’t know I wanted. It is completely unique to anything that I’ve previously read before, with a world that imaginatively comes to life in your mind. Samantha Shannon is now one of my favourite authors and I’d probably read anything she writes.

I cannot wait for The Song Rising to come out in March, 2017, and I’ve already pre-ordered The Pale Dreamer prequel that’s to come out this December! It’s official, I’m hooked!

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