My Policies

Content Policy
All written post material and video content, unless stated, is produced be yours truly :)
If you are a fellow blogger and would like to use any of my written or video content please don't hesitate to ask.

Contact Me
I accept all different formats of books, within the broad genres of Young Adult, Middle Grade, Graphic Novels/Comics, New Adult and some Adult. The specific category genres of my interests are Sci-fi/Fantasy, Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic, Paranormal/Supernatural, Historical Romance and some Contemporary.

If you are an author (independent authors included) or a publicist looking to review and/or promote any of your works please email me at

Contest Policy
First thing, not every contest I'll host will be eligible to everyone (international), some will be only for Australian residents (it costs a lot to hold international contests because shipping/postal rates are quite pricey).

Second, is that if a package does not arrive I can not be blamed. Please ensure your address is correct if you're a winner and I contact you (If you are a winner and have not received your prize my advice is to contact your local post office and enquire about the package, sometimes they may have them!)

Thirdly, I have the right to withdraw a contest at any time, due to any matter. But lets hope I never need to :) I also have the right to add extra stuff into active contests - cool, ha?!

And lastly, EACH PERSON will ONLY be allowed to enter each contest ONCE. I believe this gives everyone an equal chance at winning.

P.S. Please read the RULES AND CONDITIONS of each contest before entering!

Comment Policy
I love it when people post comments on my blog, but please don't expect/assume I will always reply - although I will try!
Also, please do not post inappropriate comments (such as swearing, bad mouthing and/or insulting other guests), comments containing content such as this WILL BE DELETED! (this applies to contests too!)

Oh, and please tell me if there is anything you think should be added or improved. Also let me know if you have any recommended reads that you think I might like or anything you wish for me to review.

Hope you enjoy my blog!